Home Sweet Home

If there’s an up-and-coming artist at Upper Canada College, it’s Kenny Chow. Kenny has been involved with the UCC art scene since the Prep, worked as a graphic designer for countless school productions and functions including, most recently, the posters, brochures, and tickets for King Richard II and the Battalion Ball 2012 invites. My good friend takes a few moments to discuss his inspirations and experiences as an artist and his time in the art program at UCC.

By Aaron Boehlert

When Andreas Antoniou came to assembly to speak about how he had left the security of a job in the private sector to work with a Michelin-starred chef in California and open a Greek restaurant in downtown Toronto, I had only one question: do you take reservations? The city has been at a loss for a trendy Mediterranean eatery ever since Buca became so exclusive that tables had to be booked two weeks in advance. And Greek, of course, is a novelty.

By Aaron Boehlert

As everyone knows, Wikipedia was blacked out this Wednesday in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) currently in front of the US Congress. And though every UCC boy was upset not to be able to read articles about ‘The Buttered Cat Paradox’ in ToK or ‘Donaudampfschiffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamten-gesellschaft’ in European History or ‘The Will Rogers Phenomenon’ in Econ, no one really seems to understand what the blackout was about. Allow me to clarify.

By Aaron Boehlert

It seems to me that the lack of style present in some UCC students results not from not knowing how to dress, but rather from not knowing where to shop. In light of that, I’ve compiled a list of five excellent locations, ranging from small boutiques to department stores, and all located in the yuppie Yorkville bubble. Even unflattering sweatpants and dreaded fitted caps are elevated when paired with a few choice selections from these locations.

By Aaron Boehlert

This weekend, I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario to check out the Abstract Expressionist (AbEx) retrospective, on loan from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2004, the AGO underwent a massive renovation/expansion, spearheaded by renowned Canadian architect Frank Gehry, and called TransformationAGO. The finished product is absolutely beautiful, with abundant natural light and spacious galleries. However, the AGO has not seen any exhibits of the relative artistic importance of AbEx since its renovation.

By  Aaron Boehlert

This past Saturday, the Toronto Underground Cinema on Spadina hosted the 6th annual Toronto Student Film Festival, featuring twenty-six films from student producers around the world. Selected from hundreds of submissions, the films shown were extremely diverse, ranging from a dark comedy about a young girl in Singapore feeding her abusive parents Clorox-tainted rice (Rice, dir. Sofri Yusoff, Singapore) to an adorable animated film about love between rock formations on planets in outer space (Crater Face, dir. Skyler Page, USA. Check it out below!). There were profound themes showcased in every single one of the featured works, some subtle and some outright ridiculous in the best possible way.

Today was a casual day, in celebration of Easter and the IB2 Leaving Class. Sartorialist Aaron Boehlert takes an educated look at what who’s wearing.


I’ll confess, this isn’t from today, but an outfit like this deserves mention. IB1 Alex Romoff somehow pulls off this embarrassing ushers’ outfit, complete with brass buttons, black cap, and gloves. It takes real courage to wear something like this, and courage is the ultimate accessory for summer.