The Sartorialist – Race for Dignity

By Aaron Boehlert

Today is the Race for Dignity – an event in which participants raise funds in support of AIDS research by riding a stationary bike in teams. Every team member who rides helps HIV-infected children and adults access treatment for one year. This is a great cause, but it’s also a great reason to wear a ridiculous outfit.

Born leader

Our new Head Steward Ryan Manucha wore bright yellow shorts, toque, black-and-yellow striped shirt and black-framed glasses.

Crowded House

IB2s Christian Webster, Will Hall, Jack Stodgell, and Harry Jarvis, as well as IB1 Social Steward elect Mark Pentland wore intimidating green tanktops, accessorizing with punchy socks and sunglasses.

Keeping it classy

IB1 students Rigo Ruta, Sam Armoyan, Alex Malone, Brody Power, Athletic Steward elect Peter Hannon, and Sustainability Steward elect Lewie Krashinsky wore classy top hats, monocles, shorts, and tuxedo T shirts that say ‘I’m classy, but I’m also here to party.’


IB1s Ryan Chu, Sashwat Koirala, Michael Kim, Sasha Singh, and Amrithal Bachra looked very sporty in a rainbow of athletic clothes, accessorized with sunglasses and hats.

The Blue and White

I don’t really know who any of these people are (other than IB1 Jack Taylor), but they were representing in Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys and hockey gloves and helmets.

The McHugh’s Boys

IB2 Dan Menely, IB1s James Macfarlane, Paolo Di Filippo, and Will Colucci, as well as FY Matt Hacker Teper showed house spirit in their signature raspberry shirts, red headbands, and white armbands.

Someone get the IT department!

PCs have breached our firewalls.IB1s Ned Wagner, Henry Krause, and Fraser Howard, and Max Dugan-Knight, Ledger, and Carnella showed support for their favourite computer brands with logos on their front sides and accessorized with long socks, sweatbands, and sunglasses

The Classy Kanye Look

IB1s Monte Barker, Saavaiz Sohail, Richard Shi, Vincent Lam, Paul Wong, and Gabe Lam wore Kanye glasses, shorts, and suspenders. They were the only team I saw rocking the shirt for the cause.