The Sartorialist – Denim Day

This past Tuesday was Denim Day – a casual dress day of sorts whose specifications were a bit unclear, resulting in everything from first dress to jean-shorts. The common factor of almost every outfit of the day was that they all somehow incorporated denim, in support of Breast Cancer research.

Paolo di Filippo (IB1) goes for the slacker chic look: too-washed jeans; a solid, Persian red tee; and de rigeur white runners. Thing is, this is actually Colin Farrell attire, and even Colin doesn’t hit the mark every time out (Paolo would need Colin’s unshaven, bleary-eyed, where-am-I look too, for starters). But Paolo redeems himself in the confidence that makes me not hate any outfit he wears.

One thought on “The Sartorialist – Denim Day

  1. really? you enjoy this outfit?
    it makes me want to hurl. seriously? acid washed jeans? what is this 1992?
    I mean come on am i watching saved by the bell or something?
    no, because laark voohries is nowhere to be seen.
    the old lady sneakers stink too.
    and the confidence makes me hate everything he wears

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