List of UCC's Most Prominent Climbers: Jack Hidi, Henry v S.
List of UCC’s Most Prominent Climbers: This Mysterious Gentleman, Henry v S.


 By Connor Bullock

The March Break this year was both relaxing and a banger for many graduating students in Toronto. On the 7th, 8th, and 9th, private and public schools from all over the city travelled to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas to celebrate the fact that we might graduate. The schools that travelled include: UCC, SMC, BSS, HC, BH, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, Northern, North Toronto, and Leaside.

It's unfortunate we just don't have the facilities.
It’s unfortunate we just don’t have the facilities.

By Connor Bullock

We often forget during our two-week March Break that school still exists and as I painstakingly pack my bag for Monday’s class I remember that there are a plethora of sports offered at the school in the spring term. Though the thought of summer is always in our minds, final exams are still important (supposedly), and to help avoid thinking of exams and to further increase the thought of summer, there are many athletic opportunities offered to us. Off the top of my head I can think of Lacrosse, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, and of course Rowing (still going on for some reason).

Not as nice in the winter (though they do get the entire day off on snow-days).

By: Connor Bullock

Wednesday February 27th marked the last day the 2012-2013 Varsity Hockey team would ever lace up their skates as a unit. Coming into the season we knew we had an overwhelming amount of returning seniors on top young recruits that would fit well into our system. We started training in September and played some exhibition games throughout the next two months, up until the official start of our season in early November. Who could predict how far we’d go.

So funny and appropriate!

HL Math

I often hear people say, “Wow, you’re in HL Math? You must be really smart!” or, “HL Math? That’s too hard for me.” While at first this appealed to my sense of ego, I quickly became frustrated. In my opinion, HL Math doesn’t deserve its reputation.

What does a typical class consist of? You sit down, listen to the teacher and take notes, and then do homework if there’s time left in class. The only difference between HL and SL is that in HL you cover more concepts from each unit. As for these additional topics, HL Math includes mathematical induction, complex numbers, and of course the IB school specific option, which is discrete mathematics (consisting of number theory and graph theory). Teachers sometimes imply that this course goes at a rather frightening pace, but I don’t agree; we’ve spent classes going over things, and of course extra help is always available.

I’m just like you, but successful.

Starting with a profound Lionel Gelber Keynote Address by John Stackhouse and ending with Colin Tweel’s poetic summary of the event, this year’s World Affairs Conference was a resounding success. Thanks to this reporter’s idea and the tireless effort of Winker Xiao, Upper Canada College welcomed, for the first time in its 184 year history, a rapper onto its grounds. The up-and-coming lyricist Shaun Boothe was one of the Conference’s highlights, and because of the success of his performance the Executive Committee plans on bringing in a musical act to close next year as well. If we are lucky perhaps the talented Toronto wordsmith Shadrach Kabango (aka Shad) will grace us with his presence.

By Jake Taber

I’ll be blatantly honest for a second: I didn’t expect much out of last week’s UCC stage adaptation of William Golding’s classic Lord Of The Flies. Call it a predisposed mistrust of all things Idiv, but I went in wondering what I was doing at a Y1/Y2 play, and whether the fact that it was tickets gratis was a bad sign. To all those involved with the production, I’m truly sorry, but that’s how I felt: wary and a little cynical, with a bit of senior-division pretension thrown in. Ms. Metalin and co. can, at least, revel in the fact that they proved me quite wrong. The boys portrayed the gruesome tale of degeneration, savagery, and primal instinct with considerable maturity and ability, each actor a great representation of his role.

Every year, the Grade 12 BSS drama class holds a festival of one-act plays. Auditions for this event […]