Summer Hiatus

Due to exams, summer, and the fact that we have nothing more to publish, The Blue and White will be taking a summer hiatus, during which time our editors and contributors will contemplate ways to make your UCC arts experience better. But don’t worry.

I say this to the 148 people who read TBAW per day*: we are not going anywhere. Physically, of course, we are heading to our summer homes and cottages or embarking on ambitious voyages to strange lands (Markham, for instance). But spiritually, we will always be with you at every opera discussing the meal we had beforehand, at every art exhibit criticizing the lighting of the room in which it is held, and at every major sporting event talking about the food provided. Such is our commitment to excellence. You see, dear reader, The Blue and White does not start or end on a website whose acronym is reminiscent of an ethnic dish. No. The writers of TBAW, the producers, the food-bringers, the faculty heads who have to dash off to ‘emergency ToK meetings’, are everywhere, constantly critiquing and suggesting unrealistic alternatives.

We will always be with you, bleeding a bit of blue (and white).



Aaron Boehlert

Editor in Chief


*on our best day, half of which were James Macfarlane monitoring the comment’s on his ‘Poutine’ post.