The Sartorialist – Casual Dress Day

Today was a casual day, in celebration of Easter and the IB2 Leaving Class. Sartorialist Aaron Boehlert takes an educated look at what who’s wearing.


I’ll confess, this isn’t from today, but an outfit like this deserves mention. IB1 Alex Romoff somehow pulls off this embarrassing ushers’ outfit, complete with brass buttons, black cap, and gloves. It takes real courage to wear something like this, and courage is the ultimate accessory for summer.

Hipster Lumberjack?

Two plaids are a problem. Who are you, Tyler the Creator?

“UCC’s Barack”

Barack Obama is a fan of the classic look, which is why so-called ‘UCC’s Barack’ rocked a classic outfit – jeans, blue tee, and cap. What the look lacks in imagination Loyan makes up for with his smile, which says: ‘Yes. We can.’


Shunning the hipster look, IB2 Shahab Fadavi, featured in the Sartorialist for a second time, is starting a new trend with wearable art. We’ve all seen it on the Dubai runways, but Shahab is the first with the courage to rock this look in T.O.

What a Cutie

IB1 Chris Lee wore jeans and a white graphic tee. This outfit would be boring, if not for the Maya blue repeated both in the shirt design and the shoe laces. Plus he’s just adorable.