Things That I Wish I Learned in Year 8 (Part 2)

Faiz Khwaja


Last year, Bradley Manucha wrote an article entitled “Things That I Wish I Learned in Year 1”. You can read that article by clicking here.


After surveying the current Year 12s (not the people in the photo above… idk who they are), I’ve compiled a list of the best answers to what we wished we learned in Year 8. Enjoy!

1. Teachers Are Your Friends– No matter how scary they may seem, the teachers at UCC (almost) always want to see you succeed. If not, they certainly don’t want to bear another year of teaching you. They are people too and understand that you have a heavy course load and may be stressing out at times. If you politely ask for an extension a few days in advance, they will almost always give it to you. Just don’t ask the night before!

2. Stop Gaming- No matter how fun Flappy Golf,, or whatever the kids are playing these days is, it is a waste of time. There are so many more productive things you could be doing like catching up on work, playing basketball, or even chatting to a friend. Yes, being a blob floating around in space is fun but it’s much more fun when you are that blob floating around the school. I hate to sound like your mother, but stop gaming and do your work! Play a sport!! Join TBAW!!! Wait a second, do you get work in Year 8? I can’t remember…

3. The Golden Years of the LD Will End- I feel for you Year 8s, I really do. Back in my day, we could tell the difference between the pizza and the cardboard trays we ate them in. Back in my day, the chocolate milks were big enough to last the entire meal. Heck, back in my day we had chips that weren’t made by the sun (photosynthesis?), Gatorade, Kit Kat, Skittles, and of course: Arnold Palmers. By the time you guys are in Year 12, I’m guessing they’ll inject you with Essence of Moon Cheese.

4. Marks in Year 10 Matter- In fact, if you apply outside of Canada you may have to submit marks all the way back to Year 8/9. That being said, you are still allowed to have fun! That is, until you enter the IB and you haven’t slept in 34 hours. So take it easy for now, but don’t slack off. That one bad mark you get on a test isn’t going to kill your chances of going to university. Is that conflicting advice? Blame the Y12s, not me.

5. The Faculty Washrooms are the GOAT- Speaks for itself, really…

6. School is All About Work Ethic- No matter how naturally ‘smart’ or ‘academically challenged’ you are, the IB exists to make you work hard. You have to work hard for every grade and once you earn it, you have to work even harder to maintain it. However, regardless of whether you consider yourself a good or bad student, if you work hard, you can get that mark you desire. Don’t procrastinate, like I did this article for a month.

7. The IB Is Manageable- Yes, the IB is hard. But it’s not impossible. As long as you manage your time wisely, you can get through it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be that guy with a perfect IB total who wins every award on Prize Day. Or maybe you don’t win a prize; just skip the assembly.

8. Absences Add Up- While missing the odd class here and there won’t affect you too much, don’t make it a habit. In later years, when you miss a class, the teacher isn’t responsible to make sure you’re caught up on everything. That’s your job. If you’ve been gaming your entire Upper School career until then, your only friend CheekyGamer1022910 isn’t going to be able to give you those notes. Also, if you’re showing up to three classes a week (Adam *cough cough* Sayani), you’re going to struggle if you don’t have a legitimate reason.

9. Get Involved in Events with Other Schools- Getting involved in events with other schools is a great way to meet people. As surprising as it is, there is a world outside of UCC. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, whether it be a school dance, a community project, a play. Don’t be afraid to get set up for a dance/semi if you don’t know anyone you want to take; that is an amazing way to meet new people. If you don’t establish connections with people outside of UCC, before you know it, it’s the night before Batt Ball and you don’t have a date *sniffle*.10.

10. “I Wish I Knew That Faiz Was an Idiot”- Ouch…

To the Year 12s, thank you for helping out. To the Year 8s, good luck… You’ll need it.