Things That I Wish I Learned In Year 1

Bradley Manucha

1. Time management. You know those little pockets of time during the day when you could be doing something, but you figure “eh, I can’t do much in 15 minutes anyways”, so you just dick around instead? Screw that: do something productive with that time. If you find yourself overwhelmed with homework, take control over your time to help make it more manageable. For example, when your teacher gives you time at the end of class to work on homework, use that time to actually work instead of getting distracted. This brings me to my next point:

2. Always bring headphones to school. Throw on those bad boys and blast some tunes to prevent you from getting distracted when you want to do work.

3. If teachers are just checking your homework for completion, you don’t have to be that thorough with your answers. Once you stop writing 5 sentence answers to straightforward questions, homework becomes significantly easier.

4. If you ever have an English/History/TOK/Economics/whatever essay, meet with your teacher several days before it’s due to go over your assignment and see if there are any chances to improve. You’re writing will improve quickly, you’ll get better marks, and you’ll build a good relationship with your teacher.

5. SAS > Goodlife. Mr. Verboom is a nice guy, and older guys don’t care about how weak you are.

6. Lift 2-3x per week. The coaches will notice your gains during tryout season – no matter what the sport is.

7. Applying to American schools is a lot more work than you think. Get all of your essays done before IB2 starts.

8. BTA and Writer’s Craft are grade 12 courses. If you take those courses, work hard; they’ll show up when universities are looking at your transcript.

9. You’re not cool because you ditch house meeting or assembly.

10. You’re not too cool for clubs.

11. Gracie’s has free cover on Thursdays.