A (Phased) Return to Normalcy

By Olamide Dinah

There aren’t many constants in life, but change is one of them. We’ve been back in person
for a while now – and you can expect some alterations (positive!) to our daily lives at school.
Although the LD might not be back just yet, things are looking up.

As you might recall, A few weeks ago members of the student body received an update from
Dr. Aitken – Head of the Upper School. In this update, he outlines a plethora of changes, all
of which signal the coming of our -gradual- return to normalcy.

When returning to the school on Wednesday, you can expect:

● In-person assemblies are back! 2 Grade levels will be allowed in Laidlaw Hall at a

● For all the non-DP’s: students in Years 8 to 10 will be able to mix across advising
groups within their Year level.

● The return of House Meetings! House meetings will be in-person given they are held
outside or in large indoor spaces.

● Access to lockers will continue as currently allocated, with an additional Year group

● Inter-school activities extended to include in-person collaboration with other schools
in the areas of design, drama, athletics, and more.

○ Make sure to check your emails! If you are in Year 11, make sure to check out
this form for more information about an upcoming event!

● A phased return to co-curriculars including some additional indoor high-contact and
high-intensity activities, multi-cohort choirs and expanded music ensembles.

● The Grad Lounge will be opened to Year 12 students.

● Introduction of an “activity-friendly” daily schedule — allowing for additional
programming outside of class time, while still maintaining the four-course model and
required curriculum time.

There’s even more positive news for later on in the year – it’s possible for the following
programs to all be reinstated by late March.

● Locker access for an additional Year group.

● Increased Assembly capacity (Three Year levels at once).

● Lunch for some Year groups in larger spaces.

● House and co-curricular activities increased to allow for larger groups and
additional activities and clubs.

● Important – The conclusion of the Term A/B cycles (Late March) will allow the
Upper School to once again consider the possibility of shifting to an eight-course

● And finally, the school is proceeding with plans for the Battalion Ball, Leaving Class
Ceremony and Dinner, all of which will be in-person assuming provincial guidelines

With that being said, I hope you all enjoy this family day weekend. If possible, make sure to take the time to relax as well as focus on those around you.