The Return of Live Music

By Elliott Ingram

As the world begins to move back to normality, the joyous return of live music does the
same. Headlining artists are packing up their tour buses, gathering microphones, getting
COVID tests, and hiring background dancers to travel all over North America and
beyond, to provide fans a chance to come together and share the joy of music. Although
it won’t be the same experience, including having to scream your favourite lyrics through
a mask, the time, has finally come to rejoice and attend a live concert. Some of the many
A-list celebrities making an appearance in Toronto include; Billie Eilish, The Weeknd,
Dua Lipa, Lorde, Kacey Musgraves, Elton John, Tyler the Creator, and many more. Of
course, what comes along with some of the biggest names in music arriving in Canada
is tortuous, never-ending, lineups.

In fact, Ticketmaster has said they have never experienced this amount of computers logging on to the site and being placed in the virtual que. In my personal experience, I waited in line for one hour and a half to try and get tickets to see Billie Eilish at the Scotiabank Arena in February, all to end up having to purchase the two coveted items through a re-selling site, StubHub. This is just one experience out of many. It may appear as something negative, but if you look beyond having to stare at the blue light on your computer in hopes that you magically are brought to the purchase page, the positives of this situation are that it shows how excited the world is to be able to share the same music experience they had in their homes throughout the many lockdowns with the rest of the world.

However, something the pandemic has taught us is nothing is certain. Plans can change
at any second, storefronts can be shut by the government any day, and the same could
happen at the Scotiabank stadium. Just in the past Summer, pop star Harry Styles
cancelled all of his Canadian shows and announced that his tour will now only be taking
place in the US to ensure that he and his fans stay as safe as possible. This is only one
artist that has declined the opportunity to cross the border into Canada and perform for
their “foreign” fans.

Complications with COVID restrictions and travel laws are causing
this mayhem and uncertainty. On the flip side, certain artists have confirmed they will be
arriving in Canada and have no plans on cancelling their trip up north. And for the fans,
many will need to pack proof of vaccination to enter the stadium. If unable to do so, a
negative COVID-19 test 48 hours prior to the start time is also a valid companion to your
treasured electronic ticket. Once inside the venue, with your mask on, you are free to
enjoy the long-awaited opportunity to see your favourite artist perform live, shout out
lyrics amongst fellow fans, and if you’re feeling up for it purchase tons of over-priced

So if you’re looking for activities to fill up your evenings, a live music experience is
finally an option. Either for a music fanatic or regular citizen looking to be entertained,
Ticketmaster is waiting for you.