Pre 2021/2022 School Year Editorial

By Dima Kulakov

Hey boys,

Hope you all had a great summer break and are looking forward to being back on campus shortly!

It has been a challenging couple of years yet they have certainly highlighted the strong community present at UCC; we have found ways to connect with each other despite the adverse circumstances. Furthermore, many new student initiatives were started in order to help those in need and better various aspects of the community like wellbeing and sustainability. Nevertheless, we are definitely ready to be back at school in person! 

We are excited to expand and improve our publication this year! We will be working to take advantage of our electronic format by publishing more visual content (like highlights of sports events and interviews). Be sure to follow our Instagram @tbawucc . 

We will also have an increased focus on school life, so check our website and Instagram regularly for updates on everything UCC related!

As always, if you are interested in joining our team or contributing an article, video, artwork, photo, etc., feel free to reach out to me at or . This is a fun and easy way to contribute to the UCC community and work your way into a leadership role! No matter your interests (politics, business, STEM, graphic design, anything), we will be sure to find a way for you to contribute!

Have a great last few days of summer,

Look forward to seeing you on campus,

Dima Kulakov, Editor-in-Chief