Mr. Paschalidis’ Decalogue of Things

Part 1 of the “Ten Things ___ Can’t Live Without Series.”

Mr. Paschalidis’ list of ten things he cannot live without:

  1. Cross and Icons (Prayer and Meditation)
  2. Books (Reading, Knowledge, Perspective)
  3. Pans and Pots (Cooking & Food)
  4. Mountain Tea & Chamomile Tea (Relaxation)
  5. Coffee (Community, Family)
  6. Athletic Gear (Exercising)
  7. Football (Soccer)
  8. Newspapers and Magazines (Knowledge and Perspective)
  9. Beach Towel (Sea, Swimming, Family)
  10. iPhone (Music, Podcasting, Communication.etc)

Editor’s note: We have started a YouTube channel (“The Blue and White”); please subscribe! The rest of this series will be done in video format, with various teachers and members of the UCC faculty and will be posted there!