HoloChat – SPRINT Entrepreneurial Challenge

By Ray Wu, Evan Rosenberg, Lachlan Abbott and Reich Kiambati

As a part of the World Affairs Conference SPRINT, an entrepreneurial challenge for young change makers, we were tasked with developing a company that could solve a pressing global issue. With deep research, meticulous planning, and hours of hard work, we were able to create HoloChat, a revolutionary holographic communication platform. Learn about our inspiration, the ideation process, and why we see it as an important aspect of the future.

Our team is composed of first and second-generation immigrants, with deep family ties to other countries. What unites us is understanding the importance of staying connected with great distances as a barrier. COVID-19 has only exacerbated mental health issues. We have close friends and family that suffer from mental illness and depression. The fact that 4,127 people died by suicide in 2020 really convinced us of COVID-19’s social repercussions. We were looking for a way to make people’s lives better, through a medium that could create real change.

You may have heard of applications such as Skype or FaceTime pre-pandemic. Now, you hear names like Google Meet and Zoom. Whatever platform you prefer, the truth remains: in
an age where “in-person” interactions are limited, families, friends and communities are the most impacted.

We build off of existing platforms via our proprietary software, and use the properties of optics and holographic displays to provide the most immersive, 3-dimensional experience possible. What sets us apart is perspective. As you shift your field of view, the view of the speaker changes accordingly. Research supports this key importance of having perspective, rather than 2D communication. There is more brain activity in the regions associated with rewards and the release of dopa- mine with face-to-face interactions versus viewing a recording. This means that the more realistic our technology is, the more enjoyable your social interactions will be on a chemical level.

We believe HoloChat will revolutionize the way people think, feel and live. We strongly encourage you to check out our website via this link. It includes contact information, as well as several of our 3D renders, and an about us section.

Holochat: When you want to be present.

The Invicta 4 Team: Lachlan Abbott, Reich Kiambati, Evan
Rosenberg, Ray Wu.