Anti-Vaping Awareness Day – May 3, 2021

By Dima Kulakov

Entering the 13th month of our new Covid reality, and third or fourth lockdown (I think even our government doesn’t know the exact number, by now), it has become evident that more people than ever are struggling with increased anxiety, depression, feelings of sadness and worry. 

Throughout the pandemic, more teens than ever have turned to vaping, or have become more seriously addicted to vaping, using it as a coping mechanism. 

Very few of these teens know about the resources available for them to manage their addictions, and/or of all of the dangers of vaping.

So, in order to raise awareness about the health risks of vaping and the resources available for those addicted, on May 3, students and faculty are asked to wear black and/or yellow in support of the Anti-Vaping Awareness Day. Like with many other such days, this small step can spark conversation and lead to significant change!

Additionally, a self-assessment tool that evaluates the severity of a user’s addiction and suggests helpful tips to minimize their addiction (that consists of four simple questions) will be distributed on the day of and a special assembly will be held, in which informational materials will be shared.

Schools across Canada are joining the movement, in hopes of helping thousands of teens across the country. On the Anti-Vaping Awareness Day, both the CN Tower and Niagara Falls will light up in yellow in support of this day. For more updates and to support the initiative, follow @antivapingday on Instagram and wear black and/or yellow on May 3!