Take a Peek At The New Fiat x Google Car

By Marshall Wong

Big Tech companies such as Google have been attempting to implement their technology in automobiles for years. Google in particular has previously partnered with Ford and General Motors to launch built-in Android systems allowing users to interact with entertainment and information touchscreen services while on the road. However, the newest model of the Fiat 500 features a comprehensive integrated Google system, Google Assistant and Google logos and is certainly exciting for all tech-savvy consumers.

Fiat announced the collaboration with Google on Wednesday, with a press release publicizing its three new special editions of the Fiat 500s — the Fiat 500, the 500X crossover, and the 500L multi-purpose vehicle.

All three Fiat vehicles have a built-in, 7-inch touchscreen fitted into the car’s dashboard which allows users to connect with their automobile using Google Assistant or their own mobile phone. Google even carried their iconic “hey Google” function into the car, making it possible for users to ask questions such as “where did I park my car?” or “where is the nearest Burger King?”. Even more practically, drivers can ask Google–– via their phone or tablet”–– questions such as “did I lock my door?” or “did I close my trunk?”. Google’s verbal assistance is definitely one of the highlights of this Fiat 500 series. 

Besides the cutting-edge technology, the Fiat 500x features Google logos on the exterior and interior of the car. For instance, Fiat decorates its car windows with small circular Google logos; on the interior of the car, various Google logos or logo themed colours can be seen. 

Fiat announced on Wednesday that the new special edition Hey Google Fiat 500s will “soon be available” in 10 European countries, including the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland.

However, Fiat has not disclosed the exact pricing of the Fiat 500 models and have yet to decide whether to sell them in the North American market. However, if you happen to be a Google fanatic, be sure to look out for the Fiat 500 “Hey Google”.