Help Desk – A Review

By Elliot Ingram

Performing a dramatic play and transporting it to an audience stuck at home is certainly a daunting task, but one that the UCC/BSS cast and crew of Help Desk, a comedic play that examines human interaction in the most eccentric of ways, executed successfully with humour and passion. As a compilation of mini-sketches ranging from a peace-loving credit card thief to an aggravated customer concerned about the quality of their bottled water, there was never a dull moment. Yet the play was far from a comedic drawl, Help Desk was a thorough piece of reflection as well. Help Desk examined human interaction by demonstrating how humans frequently and rashly place our trust in strangers. What may seem like a fiery complaint call to a company or service may instead be a customer needing space to vent and release. Something that is especially relevant given the current circumstances. And yet, without missing a beat, the cast of Help Desk deliver witty one-liners, smirky faces, and a comical narrative all told through the guise of phone calls. The dedication and work put in by each member of the team behind Help Desk is clear as the performance plays through without a hitch. Even the miniscule factors such as the various props, costumes, wigs, and everything in between truly gave the play a sense of professionalism and as though we were watching the performance in person. 

Although it may seem like an immensely difficult task of transporting a live theatre performance onto our virtual screens, it will be a challenge the world of performing arts will have to get used to. Starting that off with Help Desk is a hopeful light that shows it can be done. Help Desk feels as though it was made for the screen and was a great example of brilliant work accomplished during the current world pandemic. The theatre industry is having to take on its newest challenge of performance under the most unexpected circumstances, and the UCC/BSS cast, directors, stage managers, costume designers, graphic designers, and all the talented remaining personnel behind the scenes seemed ready to entertain, provoke thought, and put on a true show. Help Desk pulled it off effortlessly and congratulations are in order.