UCC Initiatives

By Kene Ochuba

As your incoming community service steward I have decided to highlight all the amazing initiatives run by UCC students. We hope that you all can support these causes. 

Personal Protective Equipment Drive

Kene Ochuba and Alen Niu

The Coronavirus. Well, it no longer needs an introduction, we all know what it is and what it has done to everyone across the globe. With confirmed cases in at least 184 countries and territories, over 1.9 million cases and now over 120,000 deaths, this pandemic will go down as one of the biggest outbreaks not only in our lifetime, but in this century. 

What is interesting to think about is topics we were all discussing prior to this time and what mattered back then. North Korea testing nuclear missiles, countries trying to amass more wealth and continuing to grow their military power as that was what made them dominant. A possible “WW3” was on the brink of occurring just earlier this year, and countries were gearing up with heavy duty weapons and armies. But think, how do you fight an invisible enemy with weapons and missiles? You don’t. You fight this virus with effective medical infrastructure and equipment, all powered by the amazing medical professionals that risk their life daily to protect our loved ones and patients that they don’t even know. With the increased demand of personal protective equipment many doctors on the front lines and at hospitals have been left without the proper materials that they need to protect themselves. In recent weeks, more and more doctors have become infected with the virus, which can be attributed to doctors having to reuse masks due to their dwindling supplies. If we do not help protect our doctors and nurses there will be no one to take care of the infected. We encourage you to donate and share our Gofundme link, as all proceeds donated will be used to provide personal protective equipment such as masks, hazmat suits and face shields to hospitals in the GTA.

Donate Here: http://gofundme.com/f/covid19-canada-relief-campaign

Feed Ontario Fundraiser

Mack McGregor, James McGregor, Andrew Newal

As the province orders the shut down of all non-essential businesses and services, food banks remain on the frontlines to ensure people in need have access to food during these challenging times. But COVID-19 is a perfect storm of bad conditions for food banks: there is a surge in demand for support, while fewer volunteers are available to help, and food is harder to acquire. Food banks are starting to run out of food and resources. Feed Ontario is working together with Food Banks Canada, local food banks, and industry partners to create pre-packed emergency food boxes for all food banks in the province. By combining our efforts, we can help Ontario’s food banks continue to support their communities. Please join Andrew Newall and Mack, and James McGregor to raise funds to help Feed Ontario’s COVID-19 Emergency Response. With any donation, you can provide an Emergency Food Box that will supply enough food to help someone in need. Thanks for your support. Any donation size is appreciated. Our goal is to reach as much money for those in need.

Let’s make a difference together.

Please click this link to donate.


Haircuts to Help First Responders

Jack Hewitt

Across Canada, healthcare systems have been overwhelmed by COVID-19 and thousands of lives have already been lost. There is a desperate and urgent need of extra equipment and critical medical aid, including personal protective equipment to protect frontline workers.

Among the many “challenges” that have gone viral on social media over the past few months, I was inspired to create another one that I think everyone can support. With barbershops closed, my hair has grown too long, and I have decided it’s time to cut it myself (or have someone in my family do it for me).

I am challenging my friends and family to show their support in the fight against the coronavirus by also cutting their hair and by donating to the fundraiser “Haircuts to Help First Responders.” All of the money raised goes to the North York General Hospital COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. My goal is to raise over $3000, so challenge your friends and family to support this important cause. You can send photos of your haircut to @HaircutsToHelpFirstResponders on Instagram, where there is also a link to donate.

Donate here:


I thank you for reading and encourage you to pitch in to these causes and share this article to spread the word of these initiatives. If you can try to get involved in the community and see if you can start a volunteer initiative of your own.