Relay for Life

By Guclu Emir Can

On October 11, 2019, UCC hosted their first student-led fundraising event “Relay for Life,” where students from multiple schools and seniors from the community gathered together to honour cancer survivors. The main event was the relay where teams of students had a friendly competition. Each team member walked or ran roughly two miles around the track. There were other events hosted, such as spike ball, volleyball and soccer which allowed students to socialize and get to know each other. Another attraction was the Larry O’Brien Trophy which everyone had a chance of taking a photo with. On behalf of the UCC community, I want to give special thanks to James Moffat who sacrificed his time to organize an event that gave back to our community as UCC managed to raise a total of 150,000 dollars which was donated to the Canadian Cancer Society. I know when I say this that the UCC community is surely looking forward to this event next year and many thanks to all participated and volunteered in the event.

Photos Below!