3-3-1 Faculty List

Here we go — exam season. Forget about the warmer weather; it’s bear down and grind time baby! For the next few weeks, TBAW will be posting two faculty members top movies, songs, and favorite TV show. Check every Tuesday up until exams to see who is featured. Good luck fellas, and enjoy.

Week 1 Faculty:

  • Edward Moon, History
  • Richard Turner, Biology

Mr. Moon


1. Anything by This Will Destroy You. Absolutely anything. Best band around today by 10’000 miles. First saw them completely by accident in a ratty old 5th floor industrial estate in Hong Kong. On a 37 degree day in July. With 1 functioning air-con unit 150 people were taking it in turns to stand under. Completely blew the crowd away. Scary, chest-crushing volume.

2. Waterfall by The Stone Roses No band had a greater impact on me as a kid. Completely changed the way every one of my mates dressed, styled their hair, even the way we walked! Supremely arrogant and on the verge of world domination in 1990 and then…just vanished for 5 years. That they were from Manchester and spoke like all of us only made them even better. Later records a bit of a let-down in retrospect.

3. Feast of the Passover by The Congos. What’s not to absolutely LOVE? Always been a big dub and reggae fan (probably via The Clash and The Orb)  and if you live in Bristol for 8 years it’s pretty hard to avoid. These are the best of the best -checkout the FALSETTO! Who sits around in the studio and says “you know what this tune needs? More barnyard noises!” Lee Perry, that’s who. Genius.


1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind

3. La Haine

TV Show

The Thick Of It from the BBC. But it is utterly foul-mouthed, so I didn’t write this.

Mr. Turner

“These aren’t really my all-time favourites, but keeping in mind your theme of stress relief, I choose my “go-to”s for when I need a break from a heavy workload. In no particular order …


1. Brandi Carlile’s “The Joke”

2. Patrick Watson’s “Luscious Life”

The Toreador’s Song, from Bizet’s opera, “Carmen”


1. The Bourne Trilogy (really one movie)

2. Ocean’s Eleven

3. Mad Max Fury Road.

TV Show

The original Star Trek, of course! Beam me up, Scotty.