Nuit Bleue 2019 – Photography Preview

UCC’s Spring art’s night is fast approaching, and here at TBAW, we thought it would be great to showcase some of the work that you can see in person during Nuit Bleue 2019. Below are some of the wonderful pieces of photography that will be on display. The night will also have musical performances from the school’s various ensembles, movie screenings, and artwork showcases.

Nuit Bleue will take place on April 11th, 2019, throughout the Upper School.


vibrant sunset for a vibrant city (103.19x137.69 cm)
Vibrant Sunset for a Vibrant City, Alfred Shi
V (142.8x107.1 cm)
V, Simon Guo
St. Anton, Austria (2) (63.5cm x 42.33cm)
St. Anton, Austria(1), Justin Lee
St. Anton, Austria (1) (63.5cm x 42.33cm)
St. Anton, Austria(2), Justin Lee
Into the Light (107.1x142.8 cm)
Into the Light, Simon Guo
Santa Cruz (34x47.47 cm)
Santa Cruz, Anders Lossius