A Poem for Valentine’s Day

Angelous Ginanena


Roses are red

Women are beautiful

In no way should they be treated different

This is a truth we shan’t mull


The days are now gone

When man did as they deemed way

Now let all the single ladies stand up

For today is the days Beyoncé aforesaid


From the shadows, the truth comes forth

No more touching and groping with less than consent

No more solicitation in this free nation where all must stand free

We are not a property for you to rent


So we vent and protest this unfairness, this inequality

Hashtag me too for we too have rights

I’ll work that manager position and run that company

And be a loving mother all in one, now that’s my plight


So we fight and we jeer at the men with lust in their eyes

Who see us as tools to hammer, to nail us without shy

To screw us and screw us over and drill in a mentality of futility

So we scrap away our shame with this sandpaper and blackout that old lie


No more misogyny will be tolerated within these walls

And surely if these walls could talk they’d say it’s long overdue

We don’t just overturn these stained sheets, we burn them with a fury

I want a world for my daughter to grow up safe and strong and not afraid you


And I am a man writing these words expressing my dismay

Of my fellow brothers’ actions towards our counterparts throughout the age

If the tides were turned and women trumped men, I wouldn’t last a day

So let’s work together to right our wrongs and turn a new page.