UCC, Water You Doing?

Charlie Hughes


What is wrong with the water supply at UCC?

We’ve all experienced it before.  The water-fountains either drip at the rate of drying paint, or don’t work outright.  The basement bathroom has three, maybe four, working sinks (and one of them is scalding hot!).  The third-floor urinal has seemingly been forgotten.  Some of the school bathroom’s are inexplicably closed off.  We all ask: Is it really too far out of the school’s way to fix a couple of sinks?  Sure, we can survive with half the school’s water supply crippled — it’s a nuisance, little more.  But, if UCC is going to be superflous in so much of it’s spending (the hole in the second-floor wall…), is a little water too much to ask for?
As in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian: “Almighty God, if it ain’t too far out of the way of things in your eternal plan do you reckon we could have a little rain down here?  Just a few drops for some old boys?”.  I don’t think UCC has an eternal plan, but it ain’t too far out of their way.