The Music of Rupert Davies

Campbell MacKinnon

Rupert Davies is a member of an increasingly rare breed of students at UCC; he is an avid musician and producer. Rupert’s talents were made abundantly clear at around this time last year when he won a remix competition hosted by the group “Zeds Dead.” His reward for the feat was an invitation to perform at Zed’s Dead New Year’s Eve Concert in Chicago and needless to say, he killed it. Rupert’s latest venture into music production is a collaboration track with Andrea Bongers, entitled “Heal”. Featuring a catchy piano riff and a clear EDM influence, the track is an impressive accomplishment for someone juggling the rigours of IB. I look forward to Rupert has in store next.

Check out “Heal” down below, as well as his “Zeds Dead,” remix posted on his Soundcloud