Music Monday – Saturation II

Campbell MacKinnon

Following up their highly praised album Saturation, Houston rap collective Brockhampton recently dropped the sequel to Saturation, Saturation 2. The album comes as part two of the collective’s Saturation trilogy, with part three being released late in 2017. The group consists of 15 members, all based in a single house in L.A.

Saturation 1 was, in my opinion, one of the best underground hip hop projects to be released in 2017 so far, so needless to say I was extremely excited to see what the collective would bring to the table for part two of the trilogy. The short answer? My expectations were surpassed. Based on the singles leading up to the album I was expecting to get a feel similar to Saturation 1. For the most part that was true but a couple of new aspects were introduced to Saturation 2, giving the album a slightly different feel. The first key similarity are the skits from part 1 are still on part two, signaling the same Spanish-spoken storyline will be continuing on throughout the trilogy. The complicated and layered production is still one of the main selling points on Saturation 2, some fantastic examples are on the lead track, Gummy, and midway through the album on Tokyo.

Brockhampton has lamented about being a “south-side one-direction,” and with Saturation 2 the group cements themselves as a unique group in music. With the rise of rap and hip hop in the mainstream, Brockhampton may well be the new format for a boy band in the 21st century, but only time will tell. Catch the final part of the group’s “Saturation,” trilogy dropping later this year.