Don’t Disturb Shower Hour!

Angelous Ginanena

What is it about the taking a shower that makes me love yet, to a degree, hate it, so very much? While I enjoy the feeling of freshly pumped and heated water pellets bouncing off my skin, sending a sensation adjacent to undeniable warmth and comfort throughout, I thoroughly dread the entering and exiting processes, usually accompanied with the coldness of being bare-naked prior to the shower, and the iciness you feel walking out, water droplets still stuck to the skin attracting an army of shivers to disturb your tranquility. While I enjoy keeping clean, often abusing the water and staying in overtime (much to my mother’s dismay), I am perplexed as to why we are offered a greatness of twin equally vile punishments.


Furthermore, to say that a shower is COMPLETELY flawless is a mighty overstatement; I regretfully have come to admit. If you happen to be the first of your clan utilizing a certain shower in the morning or happen to be the one who tends to use it later than others after it has cooled down— both me— then you are often victim to what I like to call the “Pre-Heating Woes.” You know, those 3-5 seconds when, upon turning on the shower head, the water rushes out cold, no matter how far you turn the dial. This initial disparity must be planned ahead for, requiring myself to step back a foot or two to wait out the cold blast of the bastardly spray. If on a day I happen to forget this danger, I am greeted with a series of cold drops that completely ruin the remaining shower experience. I guess not all good things come immediately.


Another flaw I find in my shower experience is the tendency for my shampoo to remain in its lathered state still in my hair. At times, no matter how hard I scrub at it, the soap just seems to find my hair an adequate hangout. It is especially embarrassing when I come out from the shower and I am asked by my sister how my hair grayed. Well, I guess it can be attributed to her.


These are a few of the deterrents that alter one of my favourite relaxation activities. If something isn’t done about these recurring crises, I might just have to give up showering all together!