Double Standards in Beloved Football Players

Mark Yatchew

Obama left the United States in a shamble. President Trump took office not a month ago and already has transformed US social policies.  President Trump has continued to live up to his word by starting talks with Mexico to build a wall along the southern border of the United States.

The super bowl has taken these events out of the spotlight with the seemingly incomprehensible win by the New England Patriots. The Patriots were thereafter invited to visit President Trump in the White House. New England Patriot players such as Legarrette Blount and Martellus Bennett headline the six members who refused to meet President Trump. These actions caused social upheaval on twitter. The six players who denied President Trump the honour of meeting them were socially outcast on twitter. Spiteful messages were sent to these players demeaning their beliefs and overshadowing the huge accomplishment they had achieved. Somewhat ironically, Tom Brady denied President Obama the honour of visiting the White House in 2015 as he decided that buying an Apple Watch was of a greater urgency. This double standard shows a great deal of ignorance amongst those who sent hateful message to these six players who are merely protesting for their beliefs to be acknowledged by the world. These players are advocating for their political beliefs just as Tom Brady did in 2015, why are they receiving such scrutiny for taking the same action as their quarterback with merely a different president?