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Divisional Round Weekend

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Last week Predictions:

Hou 21 @ NE 45

PIT 35 @ KC 31

SEA 28 @ ATL 35

GB 21 @ DAL 31

Green Bay Packers 34 @ Dallas Cowboys 31

WOW.  This was one of the best games played this season.  I predicted the young Cowboys team to walk out with a victory against the Packers; however, A-Rod had other plans. Without Jordy Nelson, the Packers aerial attack numbered 335 passing yards. The last five minutes of this game was must-watch football. I was very impressed by Dak (302 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT) and Zeke (125 on 25 carries), for the Cowboys. The rookies played great ball in their first ever playoff game, and Dez caught it this time!  In the future I think the Pack will need to make sure they establish a run game early to use their play action later in the game. The Packers are currently the hottest team in football and pose the greatest threat to the Patriots, therefore a Falcons win would increase the Pats chances at winning their 5th SuperBowl. I think the Pack lose this weekend, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they win. Packers fan Lucas Harvey disagrees with my prediction, check out his blurb in the Fan Discussion part at the end of the article.

Seattle Seahawks 20 @ Atlanta Falcons 36

Russell Wilson is now 0-2 when Future is in attendance (“Never Gon Lose” – Future). As predicted in last week’s report, I said the Falcons would win this game.  Their offence is very explosive and their defence played surprisingly well.  The Seahawks failed to get Thomas Rawls going as he only had 34 rushing yards on 11 carries.  Matty Ice was on his game, distributing the ball to multiple receivers. The Falcons had four players with over forty yards, a tough task for any DB core, even the legion of boom. This game was sad for many football fans as it was Devin Hester’s last NFL game. The greatest return man this generation has seen, will no longer be back there returning kicks and punts. I am predicting the Falcons to beat the Packers in a very entertaining NFC championship game.

Pittsburg Steelers 18 @ Kansas City Chiefs 16

 There are not many times were you can say a football team won a game without scoring a touchdown. However, the Steelers did so behind Chris Boswell’s record breaking night (most made fields goals in a post season game: 6).  The Steelers like the Packers ran the table to get in and played a hard-fought game against a very good Chiefs team.  The front seven of the Steelers deserve a lot of credit.  Bud Dupree and Ryan Shaizer are forces to be reckoned with, in addition Harrison and Timmons.  They held the Chiefs to an abysmal 61 rushing yards.  In the playoffs you must control the clock to win; and the Steelers did this (66 offensive plays to the Chiefs 49).  Le’von Bell has run for over 150 yards in his first two post season games.  He will need to lead his team again if they are going to beat the Patriots.  The ending of this game was crazy, as a successful 2 pt conversion was overturned by a holding penalty. This set KC back ten yards and they were unable to complete the comeback.

Houston Texans 16 @– New England Patriots 34

This game was the most boring game of the weekend. Everyone and their mother knew the Pats would win this game.  However, the Texans played a very good first half.  In the first half their #1 defence stepped up to the challenge (better known as Tom Brady). They had constant pressure from the D-line with double A gap twists, delayed blitz and slants. Tom Brady was hit hard by Clowney and Mercilus. However the Pats stepped it up in the second half and exposed (for the second time this year) the 72 million dollar Quarterback.  Dion Lewis had the starting job at running back. With Blount Force Trauma getting less reps the passing game increased, and the deep ball was on point for the Brady Bunch. Julien Edelman played a spectacular game with 137 yards on 8 catches.  The Texans had their 72 million dollar QB throw the ball 40 times against a very well coached Pats secondary.  He made costly mistakes, resulting in 3 interceptions and a few more that could’ve gone the other way.  This is an NFL record, sixth consecutive AFC championship game for the Pats and I am predicting a Patriots victory against the Steelers in game that will come down to defences. I see the Pats pulling away late and winning by 10.

Predictions for AFC and NFC Championship game

GB 35 ATL 38

PIT 18 NE 28

NE vs ATL – Superbowl matchup

Fan Discussion:

Lucas Harvey

“Much like last week, educated football fans, sports writers, and Sevion are sleeping on Greenbay.  With the odds at -6 in favour of Atlanta, it begs the question, how can you bet against the hottest QB in football right now (ever?) who’s thrown just 1 interception since week 10, to 25 touchdowns all while leading his team to 8 straight wins?  Is it because their defence sucks?  The defence who has averaged just 21 points per game in that same stretch?  Or that their running game is weak?  Except that their wide receiver converted to running back is averaging 5.5 ypc since he converted back in week 11, with 5 touchdowns… not to mention the shifty Christine Michael who has been known to break off for a long touchdown run every once and a while if they’re looking for a change of pace.

You do you, but personally I’m not betting against the hottest quarterback in the league, with debatably the best offensive line and most diverse passing offense left in the playoffs.  I’m calling Aaron Rodgers to do Aaron Rodgers things and burn the Atlanta D with his legs and arm, torching them for 400 yards, 3 TD’s and no interceptions.  This isn’t to say Matt Ryan hasn’t had a hell of a year or that he isn’t a solid MVP choice, because that wouldn’t be true.  All I’m saying is that when it comes down to it, with one play left and the game on the line, you take Rodgers every day of the week.  And twice on Sundays. (Bonus pick, Steelers beat Patriots in overtime thanks to a 170 yard 2 TD performance from your boy in the backfield).”


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