A Tune For The POTUS

Angelous Ginanena

Donald Trump is due to be inaugurated on the 20th of January and such a grandiose event deserves an equally grandiose celebration, meticulously planned to assure perfection. While the perfect party venue, scenery, cutlery, and cuisine are easily accessible, the perfect entre is nothing less than fabulous performances by the most beloved in show business. However, for some reason beyond my comprehension, the soon-to-be POTUS seems to have made enemies in this particular industry as multiple rumours of big names coming to perform at his inauguration have been proven quite false, celebs such as Elton John, Céline Deon, KISS, R. Kelly, and Kanye West. Rest assured, Trump was able to find quite the lineup for his inauguration (admittedly, I cannot recognize a single name of those chosen), but this little piece of news got me thinking: would I perform for Trump?

If I were to have completely differing political views— extremely left and democratic— and I was to be offered a chance to perform for Donald Trump at his inauguration, would I accept? After contemplating what many view as a controversial scenario, I can tell you that WITHOUT A QUESTION I would. I mean, not everyone agrees with whoever their leader is, but when presented a chance to be a part of history, how could you possibly turn it down? It’s business, and I see myself as one who will always pursue the quickest and most efficient way to make an honest dollar. The last time I checked, working under Trump was as clean as working with a synagogues janitorial staff. I mean, I am pretty sure that if this guy was as evil and corrupt as people label him, he wouldn’t have been allowed to run let alone get voted for and win the election.

All around the world, serious conflicts between nations and within nations are plaguing millions of lives, and if we are able to aid starving kids in Africa through generous donations or strive for peace with opposing countries, then who is to say one cannot set aside their differences for one night, probably only 15 minutes, for free, AND with a big payload awaiting, and perform for the leader of the free world. One doesn’t have to agree with everything he says, and believe me, unlike in some countries, no one is forcing you to. *cough * cough * North Korea * cough * cough*. Take this in: Trump is only trying to do what he deems best for the country he loves, just as the past 44 presidents did, and while his personality is quite extreme and comments often questionable, he is but human. He is quite a rich one too, almost guaranteeing a relatively large pay-check. In all seriousness, his savvy businessman mentality and ability to adhere to what “the people want” will be a fresh change for the United States of America.