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Wild Card Weekend

Welcome back to “DaCosta’s Down”. I apologize for the hiatus. With the UCC football season over and a successful championship run, DaCosta’s Down will do all games in the playoffs and after that have bi-weekly report discussing interests in the football and sporting community.

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New York Giants – 13 @ Green Bay Packers – 38 

First, if you haven’t seen the Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary before half time you need to see it: http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2017010801/2016/POST18/giants@packers#menu=gameinfo%7CcontentId%3A0ap3000000771691&tab=recap

A Rod has 3 successful Hail Marys In the past 2 seasons, unheard of.  That was the story of the game. #12 for the Greenbay torched the New York Boatants, I mean Giants, defence at the Frozen Tundra. 366 Yards 4 TDs and 0 INTs after potential comeback player of the year,  Jordy Nelson, left the game due to broken ribs. He danced in the pocket and looked untouchable at times. Randall Cobb looked as good as ever, in the process of dismantling the Giants defence that was revitalized last offseason for a game like this. On the offence side of the ball, the Giants looked horrible. It’s okay to have no shirt in a cold weather game if you’re a 300 pound lineman, however the WRs on the Giants could’ve used some UA cold gear, maybe it would’ve helped them catch some balls. Odell dropped a sure Touchdown pass and many others, to go along with a WR core who’s leading receiver on the day was Tavarres King with 73 yards on 3 catches.

This was my most exciting game on the weekend, out of the most lopsided WildCard Playoff weekend in the Super Bowl era. The Packers are the hottest team in the league right now, they ran the table to get in, but I do seeing their win streak coming to an end this Sun against the first placed Cowboys. I think Zeke will run for 150 yards and the Cowboys will be playing in the NFC championship game.

Detroit Lions – 6 @ Seattle Seahawks – 26

If the Lions fans thought their team had a chance at winning this game, I have a nice property in Jamaica I can sell you. The Lions were a depleted team that should be happy they made the playoffs this year. They can improve in the years coming with a QB who is still a gunslinger. The game was close going into halftime, with a score of 6-9. However, the Seahawks looked like their ’14 championship team, a huge running game by Thomas Rawls (27 carries, 161 yards) gave them their identity back. Allowing Russell Wilson to use play action to his advantage, and first down throws that caught the defence, which stacked the box to stop the run, off guard. The Falcons vs Seahawks game will be a great match. I think the Falcons pull off the victory, due to their high-power offence. Two of the past Superbowls have had the Top Defence and Top offence present and I think the Falcons have a chance, however if they have a slow start, and fall behind I do not believe their defence will be good enough to bail them out. The NFL sack leader, Vic Beasley will need to have a great game at pass rushing Russell Wilson.

Miami Dolphins – 12 @ Pittsburg Steelers – 30

I watched this game with my cousin’s husband who is a huge Dolphins fan, and I wish you could see the frustration on his face. The Dolphins like the Raiders lost their starting QB. Matt Moore had spurts of great QB play, but would turn the ball over in crucial times. Evident by the costly sack fumble right before halftime, after a very nice drive downfield. This continued in the second half with an INT to Ryan Shaizer and another sack fumble. The Steelers offence was too explosive. Led by Le’veon Bell who had 167 rushing yards on 29 carries – a new Steelers single season playoff rushing record – and Brown who had 124 receiving yards on 5 receptions. With both of them scoring two touchdowns. The Steelers defence played amazing, holding Jay Ajayi to 33 rushing yards. Bud Dupree was fined for his vicious hit on Matt Moore, but the highlight for me of the Steelers defence was Lawrence Timmons – 14 total tackles and 2 sacks – and Ryan Shazier – 6 tackles and 1 INT. The LBs for the Steelers are fast, while the LBs for the Dolphins couldn’t stop the running game. It didn’t help that Kiko Alonso was playing with a cast on his left hand. The Steelers go to Kansas City this Sunday night for the most exciting game of the week. I am super excited for this game and I think it can go either way. My prediction is the Steelers pull off the victory 35-31. The Chiefs have the loudest stadium in the NFL and this will be a huge advantage. Andy Reid is a great coach and I can’t wait for this game.

Oakland Raiders – 14 @ Houston Texans – 27

Connor Cook, a rookie QB from Michigan State, had his first NFL start against a very good Texans defence. He completed 18 passes on 45 attempts and looked every bit of a rookie QB out there. Brock Osweiler played well for the Texans, but still does not look like a 72 million dollar QB. The Raiders had no chance of winning this game after both Derek Carr and Matt McGloin got injured. However, credit must be given to Jadeveon Clowney on his INT but also doing a great job at taking over JJ Watts spot. He hustles to the ball and pressures the QB. Although he didn’t have a lot of stats – 1 tackle and 1 INT – he was a force all night. It will be interesting to see him and JJ Watt together next season. I watched this game from start to finish and I was hoping Oakland could pull off the upset after a terrific season. It must be noted that Khalil Mack played his heart out with a game high 11 tackles. He will be a Hall of Famer if he can stay healthy in his career. The Texans will travel to face the Patriots on Saturday in a rematch of Week 3. They are both very different teams; but the result will be the same. Pats win 45 – 21.


Hou 21 @ NE 45

PIT 35 @ KC 31

SEA 28 @ ATL 35

GB 21 @ DAL 31