Proof That Ken Pagan Has Been Wrongfully Accused As Toronto’s Pint Pitching Madman

Hannibal de Pencier

Anyone who’s been watching the current Toronto-Texas ALDS series,  has picked up a news paper, been on Facebook, or lives somewhere other than beneath a rock has surely heard of the accusations against Ken Pagan, who is supposedly responsible for throwing a beer at Baltimore outfielder, Hyun Soo Kim, during Tuesday’s wildcard game.  Unfortunately for poor Ken – who’s been charged with mischief by the Toronto Police Department – he’s been the victim of the indiscriminate lynch mob that is Toronto media.  Ken didn’t do it.   Here’s the proof:


First of all, moments before the incident Ken can be seen drinking out of a cup, not a can, which is what was thrown onto the field.  Not convinced of his innocence?  There’s more.


Here we have a pixilated Gif of the toss.  While this may seem incredibly inconclusive, we can actually make out what people are wearing and match their locations with a sharper image.  Such as:


The easiest people to identify in the Gif is the man with the black and white jacket (in the middle to top-left area of the picture above) and the woman one row lower, one row to his right.

If you look to the video evidence you can see that the Beer is launched from the same row as that woman  and a few seats to her left, where in this picture there is an empty seat and where someone, the true pint pitcher, is surely ducking.  Meanwhile poor Ken Pagan, with his unfortunate scowl, now plastering the front pages of our city newspapers, is in an entirely inconsistent spot with that of the fateful pitch.