Blazer: 1 Song, 100 Words – Honzo Gonzo


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Since all TBAW staff does nowadays is post “articles” on music and the like, we here at Blazer have decided to hop on the bandwagon in hopes that we too can become as popular as a seldom-used website that barely gets any traffic. “If only,” we say.

This time we’re going to be looking at an a cappella cover of the Sonic The Hedgehog music from the first level of the original SEGA Genesis game, performed by internet sensation Honzo Gonzo. Honzo Gonzo is no stranger to music or musical things. Being the man responsible for this and somehow this, Honzo Gonzo – otherwise known as “Honzo” or “Gonzo” – holds at least some form of experience in the field of music. Whether or not this means anything, we don’t know.


You might say “Blazer – this is really bad. Why?” and we agree. It is very not-good. What surprises us is that this guy took time out of his day to plan, write and record an intentionally awful a cappella version of an overdone internet meme. Each of his voices are purposefully out of pitch, and yet still following some sort of tune. Actual effort was put into making sure that this was as bad as it could possibly be. Which is impressive… maybe. In case you forgot (which you probably have by now), is here to deliver high-end, quality content. Whether or not you like that content is not our fault.