Bani Abidi – Section Yellow

Shahmurad Lodhi

Bani Abidi is a Pakistani artist based out of Berlin, Delhi, and Karachi. With works in places like the Gugenheim, Gallery TPW, the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, the Green Cardamom, and MoMA, Abidi is considered to be one of the most prominent Pakistani artists operating today. Working mostly in video, Abidi’s art deals with issues of national and cultural identity in Pakistani/Indian history as well as the impact of Western authority from a global perspective. As part of her first solo public exhibition in the UK in 2011 called Section Yellow, Abidi presented a film called The Distance from Here as well a photographic series. The first copy of this series hangs in the Green Cardamom Gallery in London, and the other is here in Toronto. Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to see the Series, and take a few pictures.


Section Yellow, 2010 Inkjet Prints – Bani Abidi