Connor Bullock’s Creativity Hour Marathon: Tennis Interview

This girl has never played a day of tennis in her life. Not with those nails, sister, nuh-un.
This girl has never played a day of tennis in her life.

Austin Walker is a part-time tennis player and a full-time beauty. Stay tuned for more interviews with other athletes boasting similarly beautiful dispositions.

By Connor Bullock

Me: Hi Austin, Thanks a lot for agreeing to do this interview.

Austin: No Problem I’m excited to talk about the up and coming varsity tennis season. 

Me: How did the tennis season go last year? Did you guys meet expectations?

Austin: We started the season with the hopes of winning the CISAA championship following our victory at the tournament a year ago. Looking back now, it was a very successful season; we did very well at our annual Princeton tournament, and went on to win CISAA for the fifth year in a row if I’m not mistaken. Our OFSAA teams represented UCC well, and we had impressive results here to end the season. All in all, I would say that we definitely met our expectations last season, and hope to continue doing so this year.

Me: Do you guys have any up and coming stars that are sure to contribute to a hopeful CISAA win this year?

Austin: We have three young rookies joining the team this year, and I believe that each of them has a lot to offer our team. Our youngest addition, Ron Singer, is a talented young player in year one who had great success recently at the OTA provincials tournament. I’m confident that he will give us a lot of help on our road to CISAA. The two Foundation Year students joining us are also crafty players who seem very determined to have a positive impact on the team. I am sure that these young players will all help us to achieve our goals for the season, and will be good guys to have on the team.

Me: Who is your biggest rival this year and do you think you guys will do well?

Austin: Crescent has been our one major rival for the last few years, and they will likely have a team this year that will continue to push us to play our best. We have succeeded in besting them at CISAA each year that I have been a member of the team, and I am confident that as long as we continue to train hard and play our best, we will take them down once again.

Me: Do you guys have any team members who have a possible career in tennis after UCC?

Austin: Coach Suteir has shown a lot of potential on the court, and with a little more practice, and a trip or two to the SAS, I’m sure we will see him competing alongside the world’s best by next year.

Me: What is the team’s commitment like this year?

Austin: Coaches Poon and Suteir have set some high expectations for the team, and are certainly ramping up both our practice and fitness schedules. In order to boost team cohesion and ensure that we will continue to perform well in all of our matches, the coaches have increased our number of practices a week and are incorporating more complicated and rewarding drills. There is no doubt that a lot more is expected of us this year, however I believe that it can only help us to perform better as a team, and will allow us to represent UCC better than we ever have before.

Me: I want to thank you for agreeing to do this interview with me and I wish you the best of luck this season

Austin: Thanks a lot for having me.