Graduate’s Trip 2013

List of UCC's Most Prominent Climbers: Jack Hidi, Henry v S.
List of UCC’s Most Prominent Climbers: This Mysterious Gentleman, Henry v S.


 By Connor Bullock

The March Break this year was both relaxing and a banger for many graduating students in Toronto. On the 7th, 8th, and 9th, private and public schools from all over the city travelled to the island of Nassau in the Bahamas to celebrate the fact that we might graduate. The schools that travelled include: UCC, SMC, BSS, HC, BH, Lawrence Park, Forest Hill, Northern, North Toronto, and Leaside.

With all the schools on the trip, meeting new people was inevitable and the amount of networking that was done by UCC students was unsurpassed. All schools were there for 7 nights, and the trip was set up by the strict travel agency S-Trip, with a heavily enforced drinking age of 18 all over the island, and a mandatory “3 check-ins per day” schedule. S-Trip provided us with buses 3 of the 7 nights to go in to the Bohemian city and to go to arranged club events. There were many unique dance moves on display, and both girls and guys participated in a “booty-shaking” competition where the winner was heavily praised.

Down the beach from our resort, The Breezes, there was a casino where many won and many more lost. The casino staff definitely knew that there were some high rollers coming in to spend their parents’ hard earned money. Though the tables were blatantly rigged people had fun regardless and made time for the casino more than once during the trip. With the Battalion Ball two weeks after we got back, there were many dates solidified by the UCC students on the trip, and for those who didn’t ask, there were many new relationships formed and dates made shortly following our return. For all students who are thinking about going on grad trip in the coming years, I would highly recommend it.