Post-Break Reminder: There’s Always Sport

It's unfortunate we just don't have the facilities.
It’s unfortunate we just don’t have the facilities.

By Connor Bullock

We often forget during our two-week March Break that school still exists and as I painstakingly pack my bag for Monday’s class I remember that there are a plethora of sports offered at the school in the spring term. Though the thought of summer is always in our minds, final exams are still important (supposedly), and to help avoid thinking of exams and to further increase the thought of summer, there are many athletic opportunities offered to us. Off the top of my head I can think of Lacrosse, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, and of course Rowing (still going on for some reason).

I’m sure there are more teams but I am just coming off of a long break and am too tired to figure out the other ones. Long story short, everyone should be participating in a spring sport. Even then, your body will thank you (in the long-term) if you at least get out to house softball or intramurals. Today in assembly we heard from two different speakers whose talks both focused on the opportunities UCC offered, I’m sure they mentioned sports in their somewhere. Prove Matthew Brennan right  (again)  get outside and involved in sports.

Personally, I’ll be playing Lacrosse this year. However the baseball, cricket, rugby, golf and tennis teams are all looking to be stronger than last year. I venture to make an early prediction that at least one Varsity team is going to win either CISAA or OFSAA. Later this week I’ll be bringing out even more in depth analyses of all the major teams, with interviews of star players at the Varsity level… hopefully (if they’re not busy). Everyone get to tryouts this week and remember that if you don’t make a team there’s no shame in becoming the manager or getting involved with your house.