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Welcome back to TBAW, loyal viewer. We know you’ve been anticipating our return, so let’s cut to the chase (look how casual we are, here at TBAW) with an interview by Rookie Reporter Nathaniel Sagman.

Preamble by: Will Rooney

Countless interviews and articles have been written on our most successful and accomplished students in a variety of fields, whether it be academic, athletic, or artistic. This makes one wonder: what about “The Other Guys?” The “Random Interviews with Random People” series will highlight the backbone of our community, those who have contributed in their own unique, meaningful way.

John Hunter is an IB2 student, the active head of Mowbrays. He spends his summers in Prince Edward Island and enjoys long walks on the beach. Here is his story:

Interviewer (Nathaniel Sagman): Johnny, first of all thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. Let’s start simple: how was your break and what did you do?

John Hunter: I played a lot of Pokémon, Skyrim, and Madden. I took my 2014 team, The Jaguars, into the playoffs and we actually won the divisional round.

NS: Oh wonderful.

JH: Yeah, but then we had to face San Francisco in the finals and we got dusted. It was a disappointing loss and my team will come back stronger. Back to me, I didn’t get much sunlight during the break, and that’s why I’m so pale, but overall it was a good time. Oh also I’ve named my basement “The Man Cave,” so that’s where everything went down.

NS: Okay thanks. You have a number of epithets, notably Ice Man and Nibor. Could you explain how these came about and if you have any more feel free to elaborate.

JH: Well the Ice Man is actually a reference from House Basketball. When I drained my first shot—it was a swish by the way—I just started shouting Ice Man because of adrenaline. The name sort of caught on. As for Nibor, that’s just my father’s name backwards; I gave myself that one as well.

NS: Do you have any other nicknames?

JH: I went by JHunt and Dr. J to the Fizzle mo Nizzle back in the day.

NS: Alright so how are you feeling about your head of house role and the work that you’ve done this year?

JH: Oh it’s been great I think the guys are pretty motivated and that Mowbrays is the best house. As for my role, I’ve continued the work of past leaders, enforcing spirit and having fun in house meeting.

NS: There was quite a bit of controversy last year because you got your leg stuck in a railing. Can you please explain what happened here?

JH: Honestly, the whole thing has been exaggerated. I was just talking to Saunder at the time, we were having a nice chat, and it just got to the point where I rested my knee against the staircase, and then it started to feel good, and then, one quick slip, and, you know, that’s what happens. I’m glad that we didn’t have to get the lubricant out.

NS: Oh so how did you take your leg out?

JH: I just pulled it out—it took a while. My knee’s actually been really hurting since, but its okay, I’ve still got most of my cartilage.

NS: This was also portrayed in the A-Day video. How did you feel about that?

JH: I don’t know, I thought it was kind of funny so I didn’t mind that much.

NS: Speaking of the A-Day video, I hear that you will have a large role in the upcoming Winterfest video. How’s that going?

JH: I don’t really know how things are going to work as I have a lot of play practices for Twelfth Night. I will film it sometime with Harry and apparently it will be inception themed. Overall I’m very excited.

NS: Okay this is a three-part question: who is your favourite teacher, amphibious species, and Pokémon?

JH: My favourite teacher is Mr. McKell. He’s been my advisor and we’re the best of friends—its as simple as that. Favourite amphibious species…umm…can I go reptilian?

NS: Definitely not.

JH: Okay, how about favourite amphibious Pokémon.

NS: Sure that counts.

JH: Lately I’ve been really into Seadra. I’m kind of upset that it evolves into Kingdra in generation two. But I like Seadra, a lot, I mean it can learn Dragon Pulse in generation four—it’s a good Pokémon. It’s not a great sweeper but then again it comes out of generation one, which is my favourite. You know, they’ve just announced that Pokémon X and Y are coming out. I looked at their Twitter page and they said on January 5th that there would be a big announcement on January 8th, so I checked, and it was pretty exciting. Back to the question though, my favourite Pokémon overall is Dragonite because of his sheer power—he’s just a superstar, the captain of my team.
NS: Nice answers, you have to respect Dragonite. Okay final question: what are your plans for next year?

JH: You know, just University of PEI Agriculture, back to the homeland.

NS: Great school. Thanks for the interview and have a nice day.

Interview conducted by: Nathaniel Sagman