Until January

look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Where the English oral exams take place.

Despite our skyrocketing readership of over 30,000 a week, TBAW has to go on hiatus during the December break as is custom, what with exams and days without school and all that (Absalom! Absalom! is calling). Like Hugh Hefner once suggested, we won’t cry because it’s temporarily over, but rather smile because it happened, and will continue after the break. After the break expect more phenomenal journalism coming your way, as well as a consistent and long overdue poetry series. Until next time loyal readers.

Eric Tweel


2 thoughts on “Until January

  1. While we recognize the proper form of the quotation, we also recognize the precarious nature of human memory which can lead people to accidentally alter quotations for humorous effect.

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