Friday Night Lights

Taste the pig-skin… I guess.

By Austin Walker and Connor Bullock

This year, Upper Canada College boldly decided to host their first Friday night football game. To be played under the Oval’s blinding lights and to host a huge number of fans it was considered an administrative risk (as risky as admin may get). With the future of any other late night events riding on the evening, it had to be great. It was. The field was lined with parents, siblings, oldboys and students alike, who were covered by winter jackets and UCC scarves. The DJ, with the help of the overpriced taste of Beaver Tails, was able to subdue the nipping fall air, keeping the crowd focused on the game and not the cold. Even the police made an appearance, saving the Villanova players from our passionate and bloodthirsty fans. The sound of thunder sticks echoed from Avenue Rd. to Yonge St. while the chants from the Blue Army drowned out the opposition’s cries for mercy.

The junior varsity team was able to overcome the Villanova squad in a crushing victory, providing momentum for the varsity team who was eager to take the field. A smoke-filled tunnel constructed by the Blue Army’s soldiers stretched from the arena doors to the Blue’s end zone and when the clock struck seven the atmosphere exploded as the team stormed the field. Villanova’s players looked meek and scrawny in comparison to the monstrous home team, energized by the encouragement from their fans. The Blue’s mascot, Cookie, who miraculously managed to be both five and seven feet tall throughout the night, ran up and down the sidelines throwing fist pumps in every direction. The fans were ready for a good game, and so was the team.

Before the ball had left the cleat of Blues kicker Justin Elias, the game’s result had already been decided. The Blues took a commanding lead over their opponents, who had opted for a bone-crushing defeat. Despite a couple of lucky touchdowns from Villanova, their was no doubt that UCC was in utter control of the game, throwing crisp passes for first downs and fighting through thunderous clashes with their adversaries. Villanova’s unsatisfactory performance was still not the most embarrassing aspect of the night however; with TBAW writer Connor Bullock provided comic relief in the form of an uncoordinated field goal attempt during half time. I do have to admit though, his hair was looking feathered and lethal.

Villanova was never able to recover from the deficit on the scoreboard, with UCC winning their second game of the night over their far inferior out-of-town rivals. The fans continued to cheer for their home team even after the players had left the field, proud of the effort that the boys had put in for their school. Faced with the pressure of the administration and the watchful glares of the police, the players and fans managed to keep it all together, and secure the opportunity to keep the Friday Night Lights tradition alive. Upper Canada College once again proved that we are the greatest school in the country, both on and off the field.

See you at FNL 2.0 tonight.