A-Day: “A Day” For Beauties


By Connor Bullock & Austin Walker 

Association Day is for “pride in blue”. It’s where we can express our love for the school with peers and old boys alike. Screaming as loud as you can while SAC’s 25 year olds take the field for the varsity football game.  Spirit is the highlight for many. For others, it is the excitement of being yelled at by Tebow’s mom. The varsity football game, which wraps-up the day, is the most meaningful game of the year. We are able to fiercely exclaim our pride in how much we hate our 905 rivals and although we did not win the majority of the events, students and faculty both agree that it was the best A-Day that UCC has ever hosted.

Easily TBAW's favorite Columbian.
Easily TBAW’s favorite Columbian.

The prep Soccer-Fest parade kicked off the day, with the stewards and prefects leading the procession up the avenue to the Clock Tower. Chants of “Go Blues Go!” echoed across the campus. Preparations for A-Day started months ago, though Saturday was the big show. Plenty of parent and student volunteers had been setting up since 6am, all in preparation for the big unveiling of the school’s new Think Ahead campaign. Signs lined the fields promoting the school’s initiative, while an enormous banner wrapped the clock tower like a parcel. Tents ran up and down the avenue offering merchandise and raising money for organizations such as UNICEF.

The 70.8 million-dollar men.

SAC’s U14 volleyball team came in scared of our heavy hitters and were dominated as UCC picked up their first win of the day. U16 A and B soccer also mucked SAC, winning 8-1 and 8-0 respectively. Our Varsity Soccer team was knocked off guard by the absurd amount of hair gel on the field. Oozing off the heads of the opposing team’s players it caked cleat and ball alike. The big show, aka the Varsity football game, was a real chess match. It came down to the final couple minutes where SAC scored two touchdowns to win 42 28. No matter the score, the Blue Army cheered on, taking down fences and obeying the rule jeer not cheer.

Kodak Moment.

The school was bursting with pride no matter what happened, everyone enjoyed themselves, and most importantly, Tebow felt it. Come out to Friday Night Lights tonight and remake A-Day, this time (as our athletic steward will remind you) with beaver-tails.