Timewasters: Wimp.com

By William Rooney

Wimp.com takes video site simplicity and makes it Stalinesque. The aesthetics of the webpage are pretty gross on a scale from sterilized to Aramark chicken-shawarma. The Brutalist-grey monstrosity of a first page gives you the impression you have stumbled onto an incredibly sketchy site, like the educational sort made by Ms. V’s Grade 5 Science Class, and may be why the page is less popular than it deserves. For there is functionality in this ugly straightforwardness, as one will find with repeated use: five new links a day appear at the top of the pile, and are grouped by date and time-stamped accordingly.

Wimp’s motto is “Best Videos on the Web, Suitable for all Ages,” and it delivers on that promise. Wimp is PG enough to be permitted at school and is usually enough to hold one’s attention through the last ten minutes of lunch. It especially comes in handy should one show up to class early like a loser (L).

Finally worth mentioning: the site is User powered, but don’t worry, people much funnier than you are in charge. They strain out all your stupid re-posts from eight years ago and make a site that is never lacking in Original Content. Have fun quietly lurking the internet spoils of others.