Timewasters – Gizmodo

By William Rooney

Gizmodo is my go-to website for gadget and technology news because it prides itself on putting things in layman’s terms, and I have never been confused or bogged-down in seas of tech-speak, as I would be on similar sites. The site itself is simple, the interface clean, and the content eye-catching. Well-edited and written with a professional air, the articles are well done, and could please even the harshest of Grammar Nationalist-Socialists.

But perhaps the most exciting feature of the site is its constant updating. It is not uncommon to see double or triple digit numbers of submissions in a day, and almost all worth reading. For a site primarily based on a North American user base, Gizmodo covers Asian, European, and other world news incredibly well. Like many websites, it offers email and RSS subscriptions and has frequently updated Facebook and Twitter pages.