Munchies – Serious Eats

By William Rooney

If you like food (and really who doesn’t?), consider this week’s suggestion: Serious Eats is an amazing way to delve into the culinary experience with little to no extra effort. Add this your bookmarks bar and bask in a near-constant supply of anything and everything related to the edible world.

For the cook who makes his own creations rather than delegating the work to others, there are recipes supplied with most suggested creations. For the scientist in all of us, there is the Food Lab, a column specifically devoted to the scientific analysis of all things food. How long, how intensely, and how often should one cook? Probably questions you didn’t actually care to ask, but you now have the answers anyway.

I often use Serious Eats as a food simulation program when the mini-fridge in my room runs out between 10pm and 1am and I find myself checking in on Thanksgiving favorites or the perfect recipe for Beef Bourguignon.

Bon appétit