The Top 5 Moustaches of All Time

In honour of Movember, a month long festivity in which nearly twenty-five UCC students (including myself) will sacrifice their virginal baby faces to raise awareness for prostate cancer, I countdown the top five moustaches of all time.

#5: Tom Selleck

With his shiny muscle car, big golden ring, tasteful Hawaiian t-shirt, and of course, his priceless ‘stache, Magnum PI has proven to be irresistible to any woman who crosses his path.

#4: George Parros

A frequent visitor to the penalty box, legend has it that George Parros once served a game misconduct for looking too fine.

#3 Salvador Dali

This famous 20th-Century painter wins the award for the most perfectly sculpted moustache of all time.

#2: Friedrich Nietzsche

Although this 19th-Century German philosopher was a hit with the ladies, he always played hard to get. He once said, “Ah, women. They make the highs higher and the lows more frequent.”

#1 Rollie Fingers

If George Parros and Salvador Dali had a baby boy, he would be Rollie Fingers. An awesome moustache to go along with an awesome name.