Eat the Internet

By William Rooney

Hmm… That doesn’t really have the right ring to it. Maybe I should have called it “devour” instead. What better to complement last week’s Wallpaper site than something even more distracting? For the “flickophile” stranded from his beloved Thursday-Lunch movie or even the YouTube connoisseur, here is the supreme video site: Devour.

Devour is 100% user-based, just like last week’s site, but there is some heavy moderation in place. All the video put up on the site is run through Zombiecorp, the proprietors of the HD video site, which means that most will be in High Definition, and never leave the viewer questioning if what they just watched was filmed with a potato. Advertising is few and far between, and never incorporates annoying sounds or video. The website is clean and easy to use. For the aesthetically obsessed in all of us, it offers a customizable layout, with different ways of video display (an upcoming feature) and background alterations.

Devour is a cool site, that watches videos so you don’t have to. Sometimes the big “fads” of YouTube will pop up, but for the most part, you find yourself watching niche peculiarities only a community could band together and find. Devour also has formidable archives, and if you are up-to-date with the current videos, try looking back and watching the videos of yesteryear.