TBAW Live Blog from Spring Arts Night 2011

By Connor Taylor/James Macfarlane

8:14 PM: Well folks, it’s been a time. Two hours have passed since I took over for Connor, but it’s only felt like one. I guess time flies by when you’re having fun. Keep it real folks. Ciao.

8:11 PM: As soon as I posted my last entry, four parents walked into the room. I’ve managed to jinx myself once again.

8:09 PM: The aforementioned flock of potential visitors seemed to bypass our room completely. Maybe it’s because nobody wants to go inside the detention room.

7:51 PM: It’s been 20 minutes since my last post, so I feel that I should write something. We had a dry spell, but people seem to be flocking back to the main foyer. Some big performance must have just ended. Stay tuned for more wild stories.

7:31 PM: Moments after posting my last entry, every single visitor proceeded to file out. I must have jinxed it.

7:28 PM: Visitors are lining up to read the writing on the tables behind me. The room is dead silent, which means that they’re deep in thought. Everything’s going according to plan.

7:19 PM: Thanks to the wonders of text messaging, it’s come to my attention that the Habs are leading 1-0. Arts Night is becoming increasingly busy. Keep ’em coming folks.

7:16 PM: I’ve been asking around, and people really seem to be enjoying the Art Exhibit in the Student Centre. I haven’t had the chance to go for a full tour yet, but I’m impressed by what I’ve see in the halls outside.

6:57 PM: A pianist in the main foyer is playing a piece that sounds strikingly similar to the instrumentals from ‘Roses’ by OutKast, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YU2RuXCvRk if you’ve never heard it before.

6:43 PM: People are starting to file in to the room. There are about 10 people in the room right now, the most we’ve had all night. Video of Jonathan Welstead is currently buffering. Folks are becoming frustrated.

6:34 PM: Jonah and Mr. Bauld are gaming at the back of the room. Seem to be having a blast.

6:29 PM: Just updated my Facebook status with a URL of the blog in hopes of getting more visitors. Keep ’em coming folks.

6:17 PM: Just got my first visitors after begging IB1s (and 2012 Stewards) Ryan Manucha and Nick Deng, who were minding their own business in the main foyer, to keep me some company. A good start.

6:11 PM: Good afternoon world, James here. I’ll keep you updated on an evening full of wacky and wild happenings in the Creative Writing room (Room 131, the one where detentions are served, just in case you forgot).

5:57 PM: James Macfarlane has now come to relieve me as TBAW blogger for the night. I hope you’ve enjoyed my comments on the mundane. Adios.

5:44 PM: Sorry for keeping you waiting, I was in the film room watching “The Tour” written and directed by Sanjay Zimmerman and starring Max Massicotte. The short film follows a young man, Massicotte, taking a night tour of Casa Loma. While trying to catch up to the tour group, he meets a young woman dressed in a nice black dress worried about her lost necklace. The man eventually finds the amber necklace and returns it to the woman in the dress. Yet to his chagrin, she “offers” nothing in return. She then takes him down to the tunnels underneath Casa Loma and tells him a creepy story of a young girl who died in the tunnel. The man grows uncomfortable by the woman’s sinister actions and, upon turning around, he is shocked to find that she has disappeared. Puzzled, he looks around clumsily, until the woman reappears holding the necklace in front of her face, the amber glowing brightly, and he flees the tunnel in fear. The film then ends. Casa Loma provides a wonderful setting for the Gothic Horror type film but the story itself does not seem to live up to the prestige of its setting.

5:28 PM: Point of information: video footage of Jonathan Welstead’s Poetry in Voice victory on Tuesday night will be playing all night long in the TBAW room.

5:23 PM: Still no foreign visitors yet. Only TBAW loyalists Jonah Freedman, Jesse Shulman, and the one and only Mr. Dick. Come visit us in the detention room to have your mind blown by the poetry and prose of UCC students.

5:18 PM: Alex Romoff, TBAW staff member, has just walked into the room dressed in a red usher suit. Mr. Battley has ordered him to wait outside the film room and humiliate himself in the suit for the rest of the night. Be sure to make fun of him if you see him.

5:14 PM: Welcome folks to the TBAW live blog from Spring Arts Night! I am currently encamped in the creative writing/TBAW/Quiddity room (the detention room for those interested in visiting me) and will be reporting on the exciting and mundane happenings of the night. Enjoy!