Why This Year’s A-Day was My Favourite One

Phillip Kong
Photos by Andy Wang and Faizan Haider

In typical TBAW fashion, we are reporting on events way too late. Nevertheless, here is an article about A-Day.

Objectively, it was not a good A-Day. It was cold, Varsity Football lost to SAC, and the overall turnout of students was meager. However, what felt different this time was the true sense of brotherhood I experienced during the football game. Sure, the idea of the brotherhood is not without its negative connotations. However, I think the flagship UCC experience was on full display right from kickoff.

From shouting random chants, to waving signs with the players’ faces, to doing pushups for every point we scored (which I admittedly refrained from participating in, but found amusing to watch nonetheless), there was a unique sense of camaraderie that drove me to cheer louder despite the scoreboard or the imminent assignments that I knew I had to attend to the moment A-Day ended. I felt connected to every single person on the track with me, as we struggled to remain behind the second line, watching play after play. There was a common goal for everyone – beat SAC – that transcended the usual boundaries that would separate us during the school days. At the most basic level, we were the UCC brotherhood that wanted nothing more than to beat our rival.

There are definitely problems to this tight-knit community, though, and I think they have rightfully been identified. However, I think we need to cherish the moments of pure connection between everyone that attends UCC.  This A-Day showed me what I have, at times, missed out on for the past few years. So, to everyone reading, especially if you still have plentiful time left at the College, I want to leave you with a message – be a part of the community. We are more similar than we think, united by common goals such as seeing a red jersey tackled to the ground. Participate in these activities and contribute to the brotherhood in ways that are unique to you.