Nick’s Picks: Volume 2

Nick Papoutsidis


Week One: April 9 to 13

Disclaimer: If Faiz asks, this is Nick’s Picks second straight week of publication.

The Good:

Mr. Poon’s Farewell Speech: To those of us who know Mr. Poon as more than just the faceless individual spamming our emails with the now infamous lost item messages from Year Ones who didn’t realize that their nanny moved their brand new sweater from the basement to their closet, Thursday’s assembly was nothing short of emotional. Mr. Poon’s charisma and omni-present smile has been a staple of Upper School life for more than three decades, and it is difficult to believe that he will be departing us to fulfill the next chapter of his life. Beyond the tremendous void that will exist in the iDiv hall where his office once was, Mr Poon’s retirement serves as a reminder that our time here will similarly come to an end one day, and it is of the utmost importance to cherish every single moment, be it for a lone year or for thirty-four. To those of you who have not had the privilege of interacting with Mr. Poon (which I’m sure is a select few), I encourage you to take the time to get to know him in his remaining days. He has a special way of making you feel like the most important person in the school, even if you’ve just left your lunch tray in the Crib. To Mr. Poon, we wish you nothing but the best as you leave behind UCC and progress onto bigger and better things in life. I’m certain that your infectious personality and radiant smile will serve you well wherever you may end up. Until that day comes, let’s celebrate the career of a true UCC legend.

Nuit Bleue Assembly/ Nuit Bleue: Though it was difficult to follow up the raw emotion in the air at Laidlaw Hall following Mr. Poon’s speech, the remainder of the Nuit Bleue Assembly did well to briefly reflect on the Arts and set the stage for the events later on in the evening. Rupert and JC offered heartfelt speeches about the impact that the Arts has had on their lives and development as young men, and Sean Manucha, JC, Joe Hill, and Joe Hill’s dad (straight bruiser by the way, maybe the coolest guy to ever step foot on Laidlaw’s stage), killed a rendition of “Superstitious” by Stevie Wonder. At Nuit Bleue, guests were treated to immaculate improvisation by the Improv Club, monologues by Mackenzie Lo and Kohilan Partheehehhegwqdgewdegw, among others, a brilliant showcasing of student films by Mr. Crawford, and some jazzy music by the school bands, as well as the hoards of art pieces displayed throughout the main hallway and Student Centre. 

Student Signings/Commitments: I would be remiss not to highlight the achievements made by our fellow students, though they did not all happen this week, with regards to their education after UCC. On Thursday, Joe Hill committed to play football at Western University (Steeeeern), joining Rasheed Tucker (Queen’s University), Dante Rienzo, and Yassine Belkhou (McGill University), who all signed in the previous few months. Further congratulations to TBAW’s own Faiz Khwaja for his decision to attend UC Berkeley in the fall and Hilli Goldhar who committed to Syracuse University for soccer. Although I am undoubtedly missing several other individuals who are pursuing their dreams both at university, or otherwise, it is important for all of us to recognize the accomplishments of our fellow students who continue to inspire their younger brothers to reap the rewards of hard work and sacrifice. Congratulations to all members of the leaving class and we wish you the best of luck in whatever endeavours you chase after you have left these halls.

Batt Ball: Although I am writing this on the night before the actual dance, how could it not be in the Good section. To those attending, have fun, be respectful, and always adhere by the terms of the beloved Drug and Alcohol Policy.

The Bad:

Due to the fact that it is currently 1:37 a.m., I have three other assignments on the go, I am beginning to pre for Batt Ball right now, and that I am in the midst of a heated game of Fortnite, there is no bad for this week. This has been the single greatest week in UCC history.

At this rate, you might hear from me some time in June. Until next time.

Update: Ya… Batt Ball was dark