Upcoming: Jazz Night 2015

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It’s time again for the Senior Jazz Band’s Annual Jazz Night.  Jazz Night, which will be taking place on the 24th of April, is a musical showcase featuring UCC’s senior most musical ensemble.  Under the direction of Peter Smith, the boys will be performing a host of songs, everything from Latin to Funk.

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Jazz Night is undoubtedly the musical highlight of the UCC year, and unlike any other concert put on by the school.. It will feature performances from the entire band, accompanied by two singers from BSS, solos from each of the band’s members, and a number of smaller performances from different boys in the ensemble, including the annual tradition of the Leaving Class Combo.

The ensemble has been working tirelessly since September in preparation for Jazz Night, their ultimate showcase. Tickets will be on sale for ten dollars beginning tomorrow for the concert which will be held at Weston Hall at the Prep, so come out and see what promises to be an amazing night of Jazz.