Is This Art? – Part 1

Terence Dick

This week, TBAW is introducing “Is This Art?” with Mr. Dick, who makes a habit of going to art galleries. Each  week(ish) he will report on something that he has seen. Feel free to add your criticism or appreciation in the comment section below. 

134 Ossington Street, Toronto
To find G Gallery, you have to go to Ossington between Dundas and Queen, then make your way to the west side alley that runs north-south and wander around until you find the entrance among the fire escapes, fences, and dumpsters. The neighbourhood is pretty safe, so don’t worry about walking around back there. It’s not an art gallery where you buy art. The School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph runs the space. They have a strong faculty of professional artists, and a lot of intriguing young Canadian artists have graduated from there in recent years.
Right now, the gallery is filled with this raised wooden platform that you have to climb on top of. The middle of it is sunken so a group of people can sit around and talk to each other or hang out. A guy from Montreal named Alexandre David built it. A different guest artist adds something in this structure each week. The day I went, there were half a dozen slow cookers filled with boiling water and oranges. They were just bubbling away.
Take this as you will, #wut