1 Song, 100 Words: Who Knew by You Won’t

Shahmurad Lodhi

In 2011, the duo You Won’t, comprised of Josh Arnousdse and Raky Sastri, released their debut studio album, Skeptic Goodbye, and it is just about my favourite mid winter pop album of ever. With Arnoudse’s pubescent-ish voice (think acoustic Bob Dylan meets Jake Bugg) and it’s absurdly simple instrumental arrangement, Who Knew rolls you into a place of puerility and adolescence where there’s fountains of apple juice, 5000 different crayon colours, and fields filled with labrador puppies. This song, for me, is transportation to that place in the back of our minds where pure happiness exists as an innocent childhood memory and as a grail which we hope to return to. So give this album a listen and brighten up your day.